Aloha everyone,

hope all is well wherever you are.

Looks like the winter, so far an unknown species this year in Germany, is making an appearance. Its bloody freezing over here in Berlin. Next week they promised us  -15 degrees celsius. Boys & Girls, back to the closets and out with the spring clothes back to sweaters, scarfs, wool socks, gloves and bonnets that make us all look like the Marshmallow Man.

Okay, back to some serious business.  HANDBAGS !

We all love them ´cause they are always by our side, never talk back, don’t need to be replaced if we gain weight, they carry our best kept secrets, they make an outfit pop.

To sum it all up, it’s a big love, like shoes, but that´s a story for another post.

My collection got the big “my1000things-axe” and here is the result:


and after 

I pulled the stop on 25 bags that will be sold, given to Oxfam or to friends “in need”. And frankly, I didnt cry.

Alons-y my friends, for those noticing the Doctor Who reference, for the earthlings thinking, what the heck is she talking about:

Take care people´s and I´ll keep you posted