Hello everyone,

first of all, apologies, its been a while, I KNOW… mea culpa.

A nasty cold finally caught up with me, I thought I had made it trough the season, but no, finally the superfluous critter got me. Tiny side effect, no voice at all. Since three days, not one word out of my mouth, which is kinda hilarious knowing my ever so distinct need to babble, äh, communicate.

For example, yesterday my soccer team (Eintracht Frankfurt) won 6:1 (!!!), which is kind of a BIG deal and I couldn’t even scream. Hello ??? Even more stupid, I couldn’t call my friends to discuss our glorious victory in full lengths. NO, – this whole “no voice thing” is a big pile of crap.

So I decided to use my unwanted speechlessness to write my next post; it’s about a girls best friend, diamonds ? –  no,  SHOES !

Some of you asked me already, how the heck do you wanna get rid of your beloved shoes Miss B ? You recognize the subject and can identify it by name, well done. For years and years, I collected shoes. Piles of them, many, plenty, a lot, mucho, hundreds, loads, tons, all shapes, colours, types. At one point I think I owned around 400 pairs of shoes. Did I mention that my second name was Imelda Marcos, without the famous shoe-closet of course…

I downsized my shoes to around 200 pairs when I moved to Berlin and now its time to say good-bye once more, and oh wonder, again, no tears, seriously, no tears.

You want proof ? Here we go:

The big blue plastic bag in pic 3 holds the ones that had to go, wanna guess how many got the BOOT?

150 (!), that means yours truly owns as of today only 50  (!) pairs of shoes, how about that ?

I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself, I never imagined me ending up with “only” 50 pairs of shoes …

Guess I left some of you speechless now, haha, Raffaela knows what I am talking about.

Project my1000things is moving on, looking forward to the new number end of february.

I want to leave you with a band I truly admire, The BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB – Restless Sinner:

Take good care and mind the chill, it’s here to stay 😉