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Hello there,

first of all, I have to apologize for not keeping my promises in writing more often.

The cold I was referring to, the one with no voice, it was actually way more than that and believe it or not, I just recently recovered from it. A side effect, i just had started a new job and lost if a few weeks later, I guess, being sick in your probation period doesn’t look to good with your new employer…

Anyways, one door closes another one opens…

During those weeks of being ordered to do NOTHING, I had a lot of free time on my hands to move forward getting rid of more stuff.

This time my VHS collection, tapes, scarfs and other accessories and some DVD´s had to bite the dust: Want proof, here you go:




So here are the results of the past weeks:

VHS       35

DVD        6

Tapes    25

Scarfs    36

Total:   102

Old number: 2857 minus 102, that brings us down to a new number:        2. 7 5 5  

Slowly but steady people, slowly but steady.

I leave you with a quote of my favourite Tv series of all times FIREFLY:             “I’ll be in my bunk”  🙂

Till next time


PS. Of course my favourite DVD-Box-Sets of TV Series survived the mayhem !


Hello everyone,

hope you are all well and happy campers.

I wanna talk a bit about the way how and what we buy affects other people around the globe, the workers, the environment, social systems and economics.

The way we consume, defines the world we live in.

I am not a hypocrite, due to low-income, sometimes I have to by cheap, when it comes to food for example. What I mean is, I want to think more, before I buy and consume. Just to create awareness for myself, how much my actions affect others.

For example, we buy a cheap t-shirt in one of the big fashion chains, we can be sure, that often it’s produced under bad circumstances for their workers, the ground where they plant the cotton has often been destroyed cause of monocultures and some of the countries that produce the cotton are linked to corruption.

Every time, we go to an electronic store to buy a cheap radio, if it costs like 10 €, we can be certain, to achieve such a low price, others have suffered for it.

Germany is, despite the fact that the country is considered “rich”, on the end of the price range when it comes to food. We are the country that shows the biggest growth in income in all of Europe for food discounters like Lidl and Aldi.

I got inspired by a great and very informative short film called “THE STORY OF STUFF”, It explains in simply pictures, how the whole chain of consumerism works. From the farms, to the workers in the factories, the distributors, the shops, us and the recyclers.
You can find the film here:


Here is their website, if you need any further information:

Would be happy to pick your brains and feedback is, as always, very welcome.

Thanx for your time and for those of you that have already begun to un-clutter their life’s, good for you. Keep me updated on your progress, Would be great to exchange experiences.

In the meantime shiny greetings from Berlin

Beate 😉

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